Dear Friends,

Following the last CIAM meeting held on Saturday 8th, the CIAM bureau decided to extend the suspension of the World Cup ranking until 1st July.
So on I regret to say that as in 2020 I have to cancel the TOA Race F3F again.

As in 2020, you can notify me for a refund by PayPal if you are not sure about your 2022 registration. For information, this event should be in the nearby date than this year in June TBC.

I am of course very disappointed, but I keep my hopes high that we will all have the opportunity to see each other and spend some good times on those great slopes soon. Until then, we wish you good flying, and stay safe.

Kind regards,

from the 18 - 20th of June 2021


    TOA means "Take Off Ardèchois" as the name of this gorgeous region where the competition is hosted. This region and the metro in this middle south est of France is at the confluence between the Alps chains and the first relief of the Central Massiv chains that are creating a venturi effect either from Mediterranean see to North of Europe or vice-versa.
   Consequently, two wind directions are leading to the two slopes that are selected for the FAI contests:
  • Called the North TOA, closed to Sceautres town, for north winds 
  • Called the South TOA, closed to Saint-Pons town, for south winds
   Both slopes are approx. 10kms away from each other which is quite comfortable to find useful accommodations. To get lastest news on the page, please subscribe to this website or check it as much as you need.

   A lot of F3F competitions have been flown on both slopes and a very successful French Championships were held in 2014, in 2019 also and in addition multiple league contests since 2009. Both slopes has a great edge profile, the preferred slope is certainly the North one regarding its lift and its efficiency. The actual French record is on this slope, this record was brake in a roll the same day. When it starting like this, the limit comes from the pilot then. The chance to fly on one or the other slope approximately 80/20, 80 on North slope, 20 on South slope.
  Parking and accommodation are different on each slope, so please check out the North slope tab or South slope tab depending of selected slope, and print out all the info. 4G network is quite forgottened there.

  Please, keep in mind that all our road and field to access the slopes, are parts of private farmers who give their authorisations to fly on those amazing slopes, stay gentle every times with them and follow those simple rules:

  1. not let animals leave the fields -> every times you see a gate along a fence, it has to be closed after you crossed it, every times.
  2. follow all the times the path through the fields to save farmer grass.
  3. the slopes are located in common fire risky zone, dry zone, so keep in mind that the fire will develop very fast. Keep your cigarettes in your cars, and try to not crash your gliders again the earth, down to the edge, it will take a long time to catch the fire.
  4. slopes sites are keeped natural and preserved, be kind to keep all your waste in your car, bins are available down to all towns.


Friday 18th:
  • 9:00 - 12:00: Pilots processing.
  • 12:00: Pre-flight briefing.
  • 12:30: First flight.
  • We'll be flying until light or weather conditions no longer permit.

Saturday 19th:
  • 9:45: Pre-flight briefing.
  • 10:00: First flight.
  • We'll be flying until light or weather conditions no longer permit.
  • For the Banquet, I propose to meet us all together at the “Relais du Buis d'Aps”, great and affordable restaurant with lot of space for us, inside or outside.

Sunday 20th:
  • 9:45: Pre-flight briefing.
  • 10:00: First flight.
  • No round start after 2:30pm, except if the contest is endangered (see below).


Registration of pilots on the slope and frequency verification will start on Friday morning from 9:00am and will end at 12:00am. Flights must stop at 11:45 as the briefing will be held from 12:00 to 12:30. In order to achieve a maximum number of rounds, flights will start on Saturday and Sunday morning around 9:00am and flying will end when daylight becomes insufficient. On Sunday, it is intended to start no round after 2:30pm, except of the validation of the contest is endangered (see description above).


The number of pilot is limited to approx. 40


All participants must hold a valid FAI License 2020 and third-party insurance for flying RC models in France. FAI license will be checked and exchanged against the starting numbers before the contest.